FOAMGLAS: Facade Cladding

Facade Insulation Systems

E.g. TDS-2-2-7 Composite façade system with standing seam or profiled metal cladding


FOAMGLAS® product properties 

Waterproof – Resistant to vermin – High compressive strength – Non-combustible – Impervious to water vapour – Dimensionally stable – Acid resistant – Easily cut to shape – Ecological


Advantages of the FOAMGLAS® system

- Quality: Systems with high quality materials. Quality management by systematic site inspections and professional consulting.

- Cost efficiency: The high durability preserves maximum value and guarantees minimal maintenance costs.

- Sustainability: Optimum insulation and protection against moisture for generations.

- Safety: Compact, fully bonded insulation system preventing damages caused by damp either through condensate or water penetration. Cellular glass prevents fire spread, does not develop flaming droplets, nor fumes or toxic gases.

- Functionality: Minimal thermal bridges through thermally optimized fixing system. Easy to install and space-saving system for façades without rear ventilation. Insulation and vapour barrier in one single functional layer.


Recommendations for architects

- Normally used: FOAMGLAS® slabs T4+, size 450 / 600 mm.

- Insulation thickness to meet building regulations or project specific U-value requirements. Please also consult our product overview. It contains information on all our products, their field of application and their specific properties.

- The flatness and the general conditions of the substrate are important criteria when using FOAMGLAS® (see TG1). Please contact our Technical Department to verify the criteria for the substrate.

- For a technically correct implementation, relevant standards and guidelines must be observed.

See also:  

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  • Foamglas sample

Environmental metrics

Product competence
BBA certificate (number 14/5111)

Recycled, post consumer waste, silica, sand and elements of glass production. Min. 60% recycled and new glass with mixed carbon.

Functional advantage(s)
Loadbearing / high compressive strength
Can be cut with common tools

Life expectancy
100 years, subject to conditions

25 years

EPD to ISO 14025
EPD to EN14041 conforms to NF P 01-010

Recycled content


Environmental credentials
ISO 14001

Environmental labelling
natureplus (number 0406-1101-101-1)

Country of manufacture

Manufacture details

Pittsburgh Corning (UK) Ltd

31-35 Kirby St., London, EC1N 8TE

0207 492 1731

0207 492 1730.


Pittsburgh Corning (UK) Ltd

020 792 1731


Selection Criteria

PASS endorsement is based upon a distinguished performance in these categories:

Raw material acquisition

  • Fossil fuel depletion: Reduced/zero use of fossil fuel(s)
  • Waste disposal: Reduced/zero waste

Materials / product manufacture

  • Global warming potential: Reduced/zero carbon emissions
  • Fossil fuel depletion: Reduced/zero use of fossil fuel(s)
  • Resource efficiency: Increased use of post-consumer recycled material(s)
  • Resource efficiency: Uses secondary material

Product use

  • Global warming potential: Effects a reduction in carbon output
  • Global warming potential: Reduced/zero carbon emissions

Final depostion

  • Resource efficiency: Reusable
  • Waste: Reduced / zero hazardous waste

Construction properties

  • Limits thermal bridging
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