About GreenSpec

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Our team at GreenSpec works hard to create an informative and helpful user experience for you, so please get in contact if you have any comments, feedback or further questions

Our mission statement:

  • Our goal at GreenSpec is to help drive the construction industry towards more sustainable forms of construction.
  • By promoting 'green' building products, materials, and construction techniques, we aim to help reduce the overall environmental impact of the buildings we create.
  • Identifying 'green' products and materials is one of our core functions. In developing the independent PASS green product endorsement label we have brought together a wide range of professional skill-sets drawn from experienced building designers and material scientists with expertise in green materials and construction.
  • In reviewing products, we avoid engagement with manufacturers who promote environmentally undistinguished products as 'green' through use of deceptive marketing, aka 'Greenwash'.
  • At all times we realise the importance of the trust that our users confer on us. As building designers ourselves, we continue to carry out our services as befits our professional qualifications.
  • We believe that most of the information we provide should be freely available.


What we do:

GreenSpec identifies and endorses green building products, systems and services using the PASS (Product Assessment Screening System). The GreenSpec website includes a directory of endorsed products along with supporting environmental and specification data.

GreenSpec is dedicated to disseminating information about green building materials and construction techniques. The website features many original guides and articles aimed at appraising practicing architects and designers of new developments in design, materials and fabrication for inclusion in their daily work.


How GreenSpec developed:

The genesis of GreenSpec lies in a project developed by Sandy Patience (architect) and Brian Murphy (specifier) and originally in conjunction with the BRE. The project was endorsed and funded by the Government as positive move in satisfying the increasing demand for knowledge about green building options in the UK. Sandy and Brian created GreenSpec to recommend available products that embodied significant 'green' attributes. (For our views on what constitutes "green" click here.)

Over the past ten years, GreenSpec has grown from a small website to a firm which provides a full service for industry professionals who engage with Green building products and materials. Our website totals over 60,000 unique users a month which has risen 25% year on year since 2004.