Ziegelwerk Thermoplan ziegel blocks

Fired clay block wall system
‘ThermoPlan® system is a thin bed insulated structural solid wall, with render finish externally. Other finishes (claddings such as stone, brick, timber etc) are available as ThermoPlan® Clad Systems. Superinsulated systems are available with external insulation as ThermoPlan® Plus

The ThermoPlan® blocks are fired aerated clay, planed to a tolerance of less than 1mm. The mortar bed is applied by roller, without mortar in the perps. The systems come with a full range of lintels, corner blocks, fixings, tools etc. The render and plaster systems are mineral, and are guaranteed for the blocks

ThermoPlan® Systems are suitable for low rise buildings (up to 4 storeys) of all kinds including housing, flats, offices and schools. ThermoPlan is particularly cost effective for larger projects (<150m2 of wall), where the speed of the system is maximised.

Insulated basements and cellars can also be built with ThermoPlan® systems, with suitable tanking.

ThermoPlan® systems can also be used as infill in high rise and large span buildings. Please contact Burdens Environmental for more details

  • Very simple, quick and robust construction method. Typically a Thermoplan Ziegel build is 3 or 4 times as fast as other masonry systems - with less potential for problems.
  • Excellent thermal insulation - good U-Values and very low psi (Y) Values allow Thermoplan to perform incredibly well, with no other insulation required.
  • Good over heating control due to thermal mass of block.
  • Simple route to good, long-lasting airtightness.
  • Breathing construction - improving indoor air quality.
  • Full system including all external and internal blocks, lintels, mortars, plasters, renders, fixings etc
  • Sustainable, achieving BREEAM Green Guide A rating
  • MMC approved system’
  • Ziegelwerk Thermoplan ziegel blocks (image 1)
  • Ziegelwerk Thermoplan ziegel blocks (image 2)
  • Ziegelwerk Thermoplan ziegel blocks (image 3)

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fired clay

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EPD to ISO 14025

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Ziegelwerk c/o Natural Builidng Technologies

c/o The Hangar, Worminghall Road, Oakley, Bucks, HP18 9UL

01844 338 338

01844 338 525

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