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stormwater management drainage system

'The Polybed System encompasses our understanding of SUDS by offering a more cost-effective and sustainable solution to traditional drainage by utilising recycled polystyrene geosynthetic aggregate in place of natural quarried aggregates. The resultant benefits are an extremely lightweight system that can be rapidly installed without the need for specialist skills.

ThePolybed System stands apart from the usual 'deep geocellular box' SUDS system solutions and the heavy traditional chamber systems in many ways. Flexibility, for a start - it can bend around most fixed objects unlike boxes and chambers. Plus the light weight eliminates the usual physical and mental stresses associated with many drainage installations. Requiring only the manpower of one or perhaps two personnel for a typical installation, it doesn't require specialist skills.

System information

The Polybed System comprises a geosynthetic aggregate (known as EPS aggregate) manufactured from recycled expanded polystyrene, engineered for optimum performance with consistent form, surrounding a 3 metre length of standard diameter perforated pipe encased in polythene netting that is clamped to both ends of the pipe. The finished product has an overall diameter of 300mm. For SUDS applications the Floline Polybed System is supplied encapsulated with a non-woven needlepunched geotextile layer which offers enhanced infiltration and reduces the risk of long term clogging.

The 3 metre long Polybed sections are simply joined together by the use of proprietary couplers creating a rapid click fit connection that is protected by a preformed Polybed collar.

Also available in similar 3 metre x 300mm diameter sections are the Polyagg Bundles (without the perforated pipe), which can be used in conjunction with the Polybed as lightweight fill to increase the void and achieve additional storage.

System features & benefits

The design of the Polybed System enables storage and flow characteristics that typically achieve 35% more surface area than natural aggregates, resulting in enhanced water treatment capabilities and a reduction in long term clogging.

The overall performance of the Polybed System provides many benefits including the potential for a reduction in the total length of installation.'

  • Floline Polybed (image 1)
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Environmental metrics

Company credentials

recycled polystyrene

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EPD to ISO 14025

Recycled content


3rd party product endorsement
Scottish Type Approval Scheme; LABC Building Type and System Approval

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