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‘Ecoseal EP roofing membranes are based on thermoplastic polypropylene (TPO) compounds. While behaving like the more widely used PVC roofing systems in terms of installation and appearance, Ecoseal does not contain any environmentally harmful chemicals commonly found in other roofing membranes such as plasticisers, toxins, dioxins and halogens.

The base resin and manufacturing process allows development of a flexible sheet membrane in thicknesses of 1.2mm, 1.52mm and 2.1mm capable of being joined by hot air welding.

As there are no plasticisers to leach from the product, this has the added benefit of not causing harmful runoff into the water courses, however the membrane still retains its flexibility over time providing a long lasting waterproofing solution.

Ecoseal can be installed using solvent free adhesives enabling full climate protection without environmental damage. The membrane is complimented by a complete range of sealants and metalwork and is available in an attractive range of colours enabling aesthetic appeal to a variety of roof shapes.

Ecoseal has an extensive listing with FM Global for system performance with some of the highest wind-uplift ratings available and is agreement approved by leading European and international standards.

Ecoseal Roofing Systems are Energy Star rated, a growing trend in the UK, ensuring minimum additional energy is required to cool the building using air conditioning during warmer periods.

All in all, Ecoseal Roofing Systems offer full climate protection with minimum environmental impact when compared with alternative means of waterproofing and as such, have been used extensively on large commercial, industrial and public projects worldwide for over ten years.'
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