Kalzip AluPlusSolar 68W & 136W solar roof

Integrated PV / alumnium profiled roofing system

AluPlusSolar was developed by Corus with solarcentury's expertise. This glass free photovoltaic (PV) system comprises flexible PV laminate (PVL) adhered to the surface of a specific Kalzip profiled standing seam roof. This is a common construction roofing material which enables seamless and discrete integration of PV, an application that is not possible with glass module systems that require rigid framework to hold them to the roof.

They can be installed using the same methods as standard Kalzip roofing and DC electricity roof connections can be carried out by any roofing contractor.

The high quality ‘Triple Junction’ PV laminate works well in low light conditions inherent to cloudy climates and low pitch roof angles. With no glass, the product is vandal resistant, and its non-stick surface makes the modules graffiti resistant and self-cleaning in UK rainfall. '

  • Kalzip AluPlusSolar 68W & 136W solar roof (image 1)
  • Kalzip AluPlusSolar 68W & 136W solar roof (image 2)

Environmental metrics

Company credentials
ISO 14001

Recycled content


Country of manufacture
USA (PV) and Germany (Kalzip roof)

Manufacture details


Corus Building Systems, Haydock Lane, Haydock, St. Helens, WA11 9TY

01942 295500

01942 295508

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