RM Solar M Class Collector

commercial solar collector

'The RM Solar S Class 20 Panel is a world leading, vertically mounted flat plate collector. This panel has been constructed using top quality materials and manufacturing techniques which results in an unbeatable 20 year guarantee.

This guarantee offers any customer many benefits, peace of mind, real payback opportunities, as most panels on the market only have a 10 year guarantee or less. The S Class 20 also has a much smaller carbon footprint thanks to its longevity of life. The panels are designed to have a 35 year life span.

The S Class 20 Panel has been designed as a domestic solar panel, capable of being linked up to three in series. The panels can either be set on-roof or using the RM Solar flashing kit, in-roof.


• Stamping from non-corrosive Al-Mg sheet.

• Low iron solar safety glass, for security against breakage, tested for hailstone resistance.

• Maximum light-transmitting properties in excess of 90% due to high degree of transparency.

• Straight-forward collector erection even for attic conversions.

• The flat plate collector produces heat without polluting the environment and with only minimal energy consumption. It saves the energy required for its manufacture in approximately 2 years.

• 20 Year Guarantee, 35 Year life expectancy.'

  • RM Solar M Class Collector (image 1)

Environmental metrics

Company credentials

Glass, Al-Mg sheet, copper tubing, glycol operating solution

Life expectancy
35+ years (20 year warranty)

EPD to ISO 14025

Recycled content

collector components are recyclable

3rd party product endorsement

Environmental labelling

Country of manufacture

Manufacture details

RM Solar

4 Valencia Park, Gilcar Way, Wakefield Europort, Normanton, WF10 5QS

01924 224288

01924 224281


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