Kingspan Thermomax HP100

Solar hot water collector, evacuated tube

'This collector is a 'wet' heat pipe product. In this collector, the heat pipe is attached to the back of the absorber plate. Evaporator fluid is contained within the heat pipe. The energy absorbed by the absorber causes the fluid to change from a fluid state to a vapour state and the vapour rises to the condenser bulb. The condenser is connected directly into the HP100 manifold where the solar system solution is passed directly across the condenser.

The condenser releases the latent heat of evaporation to the solar system solution and condenses, the condensate returns to the heat pipe and the cycle is repeated. HP100 collectors are available in 2 sizes: 20 Tube = 2.16m2 aperture area 30 Tube = 3.24m2 aperture area Up to a maximum of 6 x 30 tubes collectors can be joined together in series with a fl ow rate of 18 Ltrs/min.

The Kingspan HP range of collectors contain a unique safety device. A temperature limiter is fi tted within the condenser bulb, this limiter has two rated temperatures, 95°C or 130°C. When activated the limiter prevents the condensate from entering the heat pipe from the condenser, in turn preventing unwanted conduction of energy through the system from the collectors.'

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Environmental metrics

Company credentials

includes glass, stainless steel

Life expectancy

EPD to ISO 14025

Recycled content

reusable & stainless steel is recyclable

3rd party product endorsement
BSI registered Solar Keymark

Environmental labelling

Country of manufacture

Manufacture details

Kingspan Thermomax

180 Gilford Road, Portadown, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland, BT63 5LE

028 3836 4500

028 3836 4501

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