LifeLine Tile

Contract tile, PVC-free

LifeLine Tile, featuring a vibrant chip design, is an ideal option for areas subject to especially hard wear and susceptible to dirt, such as department store entrances and other street-level premises. The tiles come in size 500 x 500 mm. The tile shape also enables easy floor patterning using different colours, even from different collections of the product family. All LifeLine products can be mixed-and-matched; they are all 2.0 mm thick and the colours match each other beautifully. 

Complete product family with leading technical performance

The entire LifeLine product family is manufactured from environmentally friendly raw materials, using a new production technology. The LifeLine material consists basically of pure natural minerals with PVC-free thermoplastic polymers as a binding agent. The wearing surface is ionomer-impregnated, which ensures the material's extremely hard wear resistance. The new raw materials and heterogeneous product structure give LifeLine flooring its first-class performance characteristics and environmental benefits.

A unique material; PVC- and plasticiser-free

  LifeLine contains no PVC, plasticisers, halogens, chlorine or heavy metals. Due to its non-PVC composition, LifeLine can be disposed of by burning and used as energy producing waste at the end of its' life cycle. From the standpoint of good indoor air quality, the flooring material is an important factor. LifeLine is safe, extremely low emitting resilient flooring as it contains no plasticisers, which are often the cause of indoor emissions with traditional PVC floorings. In production, all LifeLine production waste is recycled back to the product. Throughout its whole life cycle, LifeLine flooring is a safe choice both for people and for the environment. 

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Environmental metrics

Company credentials

80 % minerals, 20% thermoplastic polymers with Ionomer impregnated wear layer

Life expectancy
25 years

EPD to ISO 14025

Recycled content


3rd party product endorsement

Environmental labelling
Blue Angel (Germany); Eco-Devis (Switzerland); FloorScore/ SCS (US)

Country of manufacture

Manufacture details

Upofloor Oy

c/o Ovation Interior Flooring Design, Huddersfield Road, Delph, OL3 5DF

01457 810987

01457 810940

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