Ty-Mawr Top Coat Lime Plaster

Top Coat Lime Plaster

Ty-Mawr Premixed Lime Top Coat Plaster is a premixed, ready-to-use plaster that simply requires 'knocking-up' prior to use.

It is made from our high calcium/non-hydraulic lime blended with carefully selected, fine aggregates which helps to ensure good workability as well as minimal shrinkage. 

There are different products for internal and external applications - please seek advice if you are unsure what to choose!

It requires exposure to Carbon Dioxide in the presence of moisture to harden. It is therefore important to use these plasters at an appropriate time of the year and to protect them from drying too rapidly.

Application guides are printed on the bags and available below, we also have an excellent telephone support service for customers as well as courses at Ty-Mawr or on your site, so don't be put off from using them - the results are well worth it!

Properties : the most flexible and vapour permeable/breathable of the lime product family, so highly suitable for 'soft' substrates and old, solid wall construction buildingsecoat - see Applications.


  • Top Coat Lime Plaster

Environmental metrics

Company credentials
British Standards Institute - Integrated Management System (9001:2015 and 14001:2015),
Ethical Accreditation,
RIBA Accredited CPD'S

Non-hydraulic lime

Element application(s)
Walls & Ceilings

Element application zone
Internal wall and ceiling finishes

Functional advantage(s)
Vapour permeable

Recycled content

Operation & Maintenance
Wales (UK)

Manufacture details

Ty-Mawr Lime

Unit 5 & 12, Brecon Enterprise Park, Brecon, LD3 8BT

01874 611350

Selection Criteria

PASS endorsement is based upon a distinguished performance in these categories:

Raw material acquisition

  • Resource efficiency: Abundant and accessible material

Product use

  • Occupant health / comfort: Facilitates indoor air quality
  • Whole life costing: Easy / inexpensive maintenance

Construction properties

  • Facilitates 'Breathing' (vapour-open) construction
  • Facilitates moisture permeability
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