Ty-Mawr Glaster

Plaster / Render (recycled glass aggregate)

Glaster is a blend of hydraulic lime (binder) and recycled glass (aggregate) and pigment (for self-coloured products). It can then be painted with a vapour-permeable paint or left as a smooth trowelled finish. There is a range of standard colours - see below or we are able to tailor-mix a specific colour for your project. Please call us to discuss different surface finishes, e.g., pigmented plasters, different grades (e.g. to give a roughcast finish) and colours of glass aggregate, etc.

Glaster is suitable for old buildings, ecological new builds or for those wanting to add a surface finish with a difference.

The mixed glass in this lime plaster provides a decorative finish that can be trowelled to a smooth finish or sponged to reveal more of the glass aggregate to have a surface that 'twinkles' in the right light!


Plastering internally and rendering externally onto wood wool boards, masonry/brick work, lightweight blocks and timber laths. Please see our glaster brochure for further information on application to different substrates.

Will help to control condensation and damp, thus creating a healthier building by controlling relative humidity.

Will enable other sustainable building materials to be used such as wood, straw, woodfibre boards, clay and earth. 

It can be recycled at the end of its useful life and will allow other building components to be reclaimed. 
• Technically excellent, with some performance advantages over sand based equivalents. 
• Is versatile; it can be hand or spray applied to stone, brick, laths or wood wool boards.
• Produces a unique aesthetic by combining different colours of glass with pigments.
• Reduces the demand for sand (currently 2 million tonnes per annum are extracted depleting a natural resource). For every tonne of recycled glass used, 1.2 tonnes of raw materials are preserved.
• Reduces the amount of glass going to landfill. Although glass is not directly hazardous to the environment, it will remain there indefinitely, so it helps to develop a market for the product comprising 8% of household waste.
• This product is made in our manufacturing yard that operates under our iso9001:2008 quality management system and the Green Dragon Level 2 environment standard. 

• This product is made in our manufacturing yard that operates under our ISO9001:2008 quality management system and the Green Dragon Level 2 environment standard.



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British Standards Institute - Integrated Management System (9001:2015 and 14001:2015),
Ethical Accreditation,
RIBA Accredited CPD'S

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Ty-Mawr Lime

Unit 5 & 12, Brecon Enterprise Park, Brecon, LD3 8BT

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