Claytec Fine-Finish Plaster

Clay and flax fibre top coat plaster
‘This one-coat plaster is a blend of clay, fine aggregate and organic fibres that is supplied as a dry powder. It has an indefinite shelf life if stored dry and requires only mixing with clean water to be ready for use. It hardens by drying - no chemical reaction takes place - and so remains workable for a long time and can be re-worked by the addition of water at any time.

Clay one-coat plaster is suitable for use as a one-coat plaster or a coarse-textured finish coat on internal surfaces of walls and ceilings. It attaches by mechanical bonding to all stable and dry substrates, including masonry, clayboard, reedboard, lime and clay undercoat plasters. One-coat plaster can be applied to plasterboards but the surface of the board must be sealed to prevent instability due to water absorbtion.

Clay one-coat plaster is a practical alternative to using gypsum or lime plasters and is compatible with 'breathing' construction in historic and new buildings.

Clay one-coat plaster can withstand minor movements of the background material without cracking. However it should be reinforced when there is a possibility of structural movement or if different backgrounds are being covered.

• Clay plaster can take picture hooks, wallpaper and paints
• Clay surfaces are cool in summer and warm in winter
• Clay surfaces absorb and diffuse water vapour
• Clay absorbs odours
• Ideally suited for high comfort, modern buildings and historic building refurbishment
• Clay plaster can be reworked at any time
• Clay plasters are 100% natural’
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clays, washed sand and plant fibres

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EPD to ISO 14025

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Nettetaler Strasse 113, 41751 Viersen-Boisheim, Germany

0049 (0) 2153/918-0


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