Terrain FUZE

Above and below ground HDPE waste pipes

'Terrain FUZE represents the future of above and below ground drainage systems and offers a real alternative to cast iron installations. It combines flexibility, durability and reliability complemented by environmental properties that put other pipe systems to shame. It is a simple compound of carbon and hydrogen atoms, harmless to man, animals and plants. It consumes less energy during manufacture and transport than steel, cast iron or copper pipe. Terrain FUZE pipe is fully recyclable and with pre-fabrication, material wastage is kept to an absolute minimum.

The many joining methods available make the product fast and easy to install. HDPE is cheaper than cast iron and comes with the added cost benefits of reduced installation time. HDPE is available in diameters from 40mm - 315mm and includes a comprehensive range of fittings for all sizes.

The properties of HDPE make it suitable for almost any drainage application including acoustic installations and chemical and industrial waste. Typical applications include high rise buildings, warehouses, car parks, laboratories, hospitals and sports stadia. HDPE has been installed in many buildings in the UK including Heathrow Airport, Tate Modern, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, Bullring shopping center Birmingham, Ford engine plant Bridgend and Nuffield hospital Leeds.'

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ISO 14001, EIP99


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EPD to ISO 14025

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Polypipe Terrain Ltd

New Hythe Business Park, New Hythe Lane, Aylesford ME20 7PJ

01622 795200

01622 716796

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