Philips LuxSpace Mini

Recessed LED downlight for general lighting

'The highly energy-efficient LuxSpace makes it possible to achieve extremely low power consumption without sacrificing light quality in general lighting applications. Designed for 150 mm cut-outs, LuxSpace offers a compact look and feel.

Consuming only 19 W, it enables up to 50% energy saving compared with traditional CFL downlights. It is very easy to install, and its long lifetime of 50,000 hours means an end to the hassle of relamping – a true 'fit and forget' solution. LuxSpace features the latest LED technology and delivers consistent light output, stable colour performance and high colour rendering (Ra>80).

The combination of the LEDS and the high efficient optic system of LuxSpace make it possible all applications. LuxSpace is the highest efficient office compliance Downlight, meets all office requirements of Glare control for European norms (comfort version).'

Output at 3,000K: 1,100 lm
Source: One DLED 19W
Colour rendering at 3,000K: 80CRI
Colour temperature: 3,000K and 4,000K
Efficiency: 55 lm/W
Lifetime: 50,000 hours to 70 % lumen maintenance at 25ºC
Warranty: 3 years'

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  • Philips LuxSpace Mini (image 2)
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Environmental metrics

Heatsink, bracket, reflector and front rim: aluminium; Fixation: steel and polycarbonate; Driver box: plastic

Life expectancy
50,000 hours to 70 % lumen maintenance at 25ÂșC

EPD to ISO 14025

Recycled content

Reusable if carefully dismantled

Environmental labelling

Country of manufacture

Manufacture details

Philips Lighting

Philips Centre Guildford, Business Park Guildford, Surrey, GU2 8XH

0845 601 1283

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