FOAMGLAS External insulation in contact with the ground

External Insulation Systems in contact with the ground

E.g. TDS-1-1-1 Floor insulation (load bearing) on lean concrete mix or levelling compound

1 Subsoil or compacted hardcore
2 Lean concrete mix
3 Levelling compound of chippings, stabilised sand or liquid mortar
4 FOAMGLAS® FLOOR BOARD, loosely laid
5 Separating layer
6 Concrete slab

FOAMGLAS® product properties

Waterproof – Resistant to vermin – High compressive strength –

Non-combustible – Impervious to water vapour – Dimensionally stable –

Acid resistant – Easily cut to shape – Ecological

Advantages of the FOAMGLAS® system

- Quality: Systems with high quality materials. Quality management by systematic site

inspections and professional consulting.

- Cost efficiency: The high durability preserves maximum value and guarantees

minimal maintenance costs.

- Sustainability: Optimum insulation and protection against moisture for generations.

- Safety: Provides a substructure with high compressive strength and without deformation

for safe structure of the building.

- Functionality: Providing insulation and capillary barrier in one single functional layer.

Recommendations for architects

- Normally used: FOAMGLAS® FLOOR BOARD T4+, S3 or F, size 600 / 1200 mm.

- Insulation thickness to meet building regulations or the project-specific U-value

requirements. Please also consult our product overview. It contains information on

all our products, their field of application and their specific properties.

- For the use of FOAMGLAS® under load bearing conditions, the project / structural

engineer must check the admissible loads.

- The flatness and the general conditions of the substrate are important

criteria when using FOAMGLAS® (see TG1). Please contact our Technical

Department to verify the criteria for the substrate.

- For technically correct implementation, relevant standards and guidelines

must be observed.

- Constructions on sites with a high groundwater table or high water pressure

If you require specialist advice. Please contact our technical staff.

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Manufacture details

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