CPM Oasis

Rainwater& grey-water collection, storage and supply system

'CPM has developed a sustainable water collection, storage and supply system to help reduce the demand for mains water from domestic and commercial buildings. The Oasis Rainwater and Greywater Harvesting System is just one product in a complete package of Storm Attenuation Solutions provided by the CPM Group.
The Oasis system is manufactured using products proven for their reliability and efficiency. The storage tanks are manufactured in pre-cast reinforced concrete and benefit from a 120 year design life.
The system works by collecting rainwater from the roof and occasionally hard standing areas. Water is usually gravity fed through a cleaning filter into the Oasis chamber and via calmed inlet. In a typical installation the water is then pumped through a floating filter directly on demand, to the required supply areas, eg non-potable applications such as toilet cisterns, washing machines, vehicle washing and garden taps.

There are a number of backup systems that can be placed into the system if there is insufficient rainwater stored in the holding chamber. This can be either via a header tank or directly into the holding tank, therefore ensuring continuity of supply. The Oasis system is designed using the very best equipment to provide cleaned rainwater with the minimum of maintenance. Water quality is maintained by the removal of organic matter and also by the action of the incoming water through the calmed inlet which introduces oxygen into the stored water. Rainwater is very soft and chloride free, making it excellent for machines.

CPM is a founder member of the UK Rainwater Harvesting Association. CPM offers many different types of systems for both domestic and larger schemes i.e. schools, offices, commercial developments and much more.'

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Environmental metrics

Company credentials

Precast concrete

Life expectancy
120 years design life

EPD to ISO 14025

Recycled content

Reusable and recyclable

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CPM Group

Mells Road, Mells, Near Frome, Somerset BA11 3PD

01179 812791

01179 814511

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