Oldroyd Xs, Xv and Xv20

Polypropylene cavity drainage membranes for floors
Oldroyd Xs
• Designed for damp and contaminated floors above ground

Xs is a tough damp-proofing membrane that can be laid on top of damp and contaminated concrete floors, or newly laid floor slabs in above ground applications. A wide choice of flooring types can then be laid on top, for example screeds, particle board and laminated wooden flooring. Insulation can be used where required in conjunction with Oldroyd Xs, and the membrane is suitable for use with underfloor heating systems.

Xs is much thicker than conventional damp-proofing membranes and is manufactured from polypropylene. This makes it extremely strong and it has a high resistance to damage and chemicals. The patented 'X' pattern embossed into the membrane makes it easy to cut and fold around complex constructional details, and permits moisture to move and drain away behind the membrane. Oldroyd Xs also allows for drying shrinkage when screeds and concrete are laid on top, reducing the risk of cracking.

Oldroyd Xv
• Designed for basement floors and ground gas protection

The Xv membrane is designed to be a highly effective solution to the problems encountered where limited surface water is present, for example in basements. Easy to apply, Oldroyd Xv provides an exceptionally fast and convenient way to provide a dry floor finish over damp or contaminated floors.

Oldroyd Xv can also be used as a gas barrier as part of an active or passive ground gas protection system. In this situation double sealing joints using Oldroyd Sealing Tapes are required.

Oldroyd Xv20
• Designed for basement floors and ground gas protection

Xv20 is a cavity drainage membrane with 20mm deep studs for waterproofing, drainage and ground gas protection.

Xv20 benefits from larger studs providing greater drainage and flow capacity than standard studded membranes. Oldroyd Xv20 protects floor finishes from ingress of water and is also highly effective as a barrier for ground gases, providing it is double sealed.

Made from polypropylene, Oldroyd Xv20 is easy to work with even when cold and can be folded and cut easily around complex constructional features. It is fully compatible with other membranes in the Oldroyd Membrane System.
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Environmental metrics

Polypropylene block polymer, recycled polypropylene block polymer

Life expectancy

EPD to ISO 14025

Recycled content

reusable & recyclable

3rd party product endorsement

Environmental labelling

Country of manufacture
Norway (using components from Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium, Austria and Germany)

Manufacture details


c/o Safeguard Europe Ltd., Redkiln Close, Horsham, West Sussex. United Kingdom. RH13 5QL

01403 210204

01403 217529

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