Kerbstone made from recycled polymers

‘Durakerb is the revolutionary, lightweight and environmentally-friendly new kerbstone complying with Health & Safety guidelines concerning the manual handling of kerbstones. Manufactured from a blend of recycled polymers, the kerbstone will help all specifiers and contractors comply with Government aims of building a sustainable future. More importantly, it will enable contractors to continue to lay kerbstones exactly as they have done for generations, but in a quicker and safer fashion.

Durakerb is made from a composite material which includes reprocessed polymers (otherwise destined for landfill sites). The extreme lightness of this product is achieved through a combination of this highly informed material selection and a meticulous design.

The cellular construction has been utilised to further lighten the product whilst maintaining the extremely high strength, much the same as key structures have been designed in the aeronautical and automotive world. Loading in excess of 25 tons is easily achieved. Durakerb is manufactured under international patent, at temperatures of up to 260 degrees centigrade thus ensuring the Durakerb can withstand the high temperatures experienced during the laying of bituminous materials.

The positional stability of Durakerb is ensured by way of a robust flange integrated into the bottom face of the kerbstone. In addition the natural ingress of concrete up into the cellular chambers of the Durakerb during installation results in an extremely stable lay condition. UV stability is achieved through the use of UV stable materials.

The Durakerb product range is based on the Half-Battered (HB2) profile and conforms to BS/EN 1340. The range also consists of Drop-kerbs and Bullnose kerbs.’

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Environmental metrics

HDPE / LDPE blend

Life expectancy
lifespan equivalent to concrete

Recycled content



Country of manufacture

Manufacture details


Econpro, Unit 13a,
Deeside Industrial Estate (Zone 1 Central),
Drome Road,
Deeside, CH5 2LR

01244 289 003




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