GBS Compactfoam CF200

High-strength insulation for minimising thermal bridging

Specialist rigid thermoplastic insulation used for thermal bridging detailing, including at window & door thresholds.

• Strong lightweight rigid insulation made from thermoplastic foam, based on polystyrene.

• Thermal conductivity: 0.046 W/m.K and Density: 200 kg/m3

• Ideally suited for support for door thresholds and window installation, where it is important to minimise thermal bridging.

• Wide range of applications where structural support and the possibility of obtaining secure fixings into the material are required.

• Can be used as a replacement for timber battens in these applications, where thermal bridging is to be reduced.

• High compressive strength with good screw pull-out resistance and easy to drill & saw

 (text supplied by the Green Building Store)

  • Compacfoam 200 with dimensions

Environmental metrics

20 x 100 x 980mm
50 x 100 x 980mm
75 x 100 x 980mm
150 x 100 x 980mm

Thermoplastic foam, based on polystyrene

Element application(s)
External wall construction

Element application zone
Including door thresholds and window installations.

Functional application
Reducing thermal bridging around openings

Recycled content

Country of manufacture

Manufacture details

Green Building Store

Heath House Mill, Heath House Lane, Golcar, Huddersfield HD7 4JW

01484 461705

01484 653765


Green Building Store

01484 461705


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Product use

  • Global warming potential: Effects a reduction in carbon output
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