YBS Non-itch

Polyester insulation slab for timber frame construction

'Non-Itch Insulation is made from user-friendly non-irritant, non-itch material that is free from floating fibres or dust and so avoids skin irritation and respiratory problems normally associated with other forms of insulation. Non-Itch will not deteriorate over time and will not be affected by mould, mildew or rot. Non-Itch is also resistant to vermin and insect attack.

Other features include:
• Totally safe and easy to install with no protective clothing required.
• Ensures a safe indoor air quality.
• Fully recyclable and uses recycled material in its production.
• Provides good acoustic properties to help keep your home or commercial environment quiet and free from noise pollution.
• Non-Itch is unaffected by water.
• Long term stability and durability 50 years +
• Every one tonne of plastic bottles recycled for the manufacture of Non-Itch saves one and a half tonnes of carbon emissions into our atmosphere and so has a dramatic positive impact in our efforts to save our planet.

Thermal conductivity (k) = 0.0385W/m°C'

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  • YBS Non-itch (image 2)

Environmental metrics

Company credentials


Life expectancy
50 years +

EPD to ISO 14025

Recycled content


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