Damp proof screed with recycled glass content

ThermoSap is an innovative high-performance ready-to-mix damp proof floor levelling screed for residential and commercial use. Manufactured from 98% recycled glass and naturally occurring inorganic materials, ThermoSap is non-toxic, harmless and safe. This sustainable building product provides buildings and homes with thermal insulation and is vapour permeable, sound absorbent, fire resistant and completely damp proof making it ideal for ground floors and middle floors in multi-story apartments or flats, as well as basements, lift shafts & utility roofs. ThermoSap is a multi-characteristic product that is hard wearing and also easy to apply, thus helping to reduce existing material requirements and lower labour costs. In addition to this, its dry-weight of 600 Kg/m3 makes it a very light-weight material which will help to reduce the overall load on foundations. Thermosap can be finished off with a wide variety of flooring materials such as ceramic tiles, laminates, wood and natural stone.

Thermal conductivity: 0.163 W/mK
Fire Resistance: Class A1 (500ºC with a melting point of 1100ºC)
Sound Absorption: 23dB @ 20mm
Density of dry material: 600 kg/m3
Pressure resistance: 5.48 N/mm2
Abrasion resistance: 2.84 cm3/50 cm2
Strength of surface: 34 N/mm2

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Environmental metrics

Company credentials

Recycled glass & naturally occuring inorganic materials including perlite

Life expectancy
Life of the building

EPD to ISO 14025

Recycled content


3rd party product endorsement
UK Green Organisation (Gold status member)

Environmental labelling

Country of manufacture
Turkey (glass Germany)

Manufacture details

Say Thermoplast

c/o CHRODA Eco, The Coft, 97 Bretforton Road, Badsey, Evesham WR11 7XQ

0845 504 0809

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