Ty-Mawr Sublime Floor System

Limecrete floor compatible with under-floor heating

'Ty Mawr’s Sublime® is an Insulated Limecrete Flooring System originally designed for solid wall constructions but is equally appropriate for new builds and extensions.

It comprises of two primary layers – the Glapor SG600 Recycled Foamed Glass (RFG) Insulating Gravel layer and the Limecrete Slab.

The Glapor SG600 RFG product is a high performance gravel made from 100% recycled glass; it’s exceptional qualities enable it to act as the hardcore and construction layer, whilst providing moisture management (with a known wicking break and non-capillary draw) and insulation.

The Limecrete Slab is a blend of natural hydraulic lime and recycled aggregates which provides the main load-bearing element of the floor as well as providing thermal mass.'

(description provided by manufacturer)

  • Ty-Mawr Sublime Floor System

Environmental metrics

Company credentials
British Standards Institute - Integrated Management System (9001:2015 and 14001:2015),
Ethical Accreditation,
RIBA Accredited CPD'S

Lime, blast furnace slag from Port Talbot aggregate; Glapor SG600 Recycled Foamed Glass

Element application(s)
Ground floor slab

Functional advantage(s)
Lightweight, breathable, alternative to concrete.
Suitable for floor renovation in old buildings and for use in new buildings.
Insulation provided by Glapor SG600 Recycled Foamed Glass.

Recycled content

Foamed glass gravel is reusable

Recyclable if returned to manufacturer

3rd party product endorsement
LABC Registered; LABSS

Country of manufacture
Lime = Portugal / France; Glapor foamed glass = Germany

Manufacture details

Ty-Mawr Lime

Unit 5 & 12, Brecon Enterprise Park, Brecon, LD3 8BT

01874 611350


Ty-Mawr Lime

Unit 5, Brecon Enterprise Park, Brecon, LD3 8BT

01874 611350


Selection Criteria

PASS endorsement is based upon a distinguished performance in these categories:

Materials / product manufacture

  • Global warming potential: Use of cement substitute
  • Resource efficiency: Increased use of post-consumer recycled material(s)
  • Ecosystem: Reduced/zero impact on ecosystem

Product use

  • Global warming potential: Sequesters carbon dioxide during hardening

Final depostion

  • Resource efficiency: Down-cyclable components

Construction properties

  • High thermal mass
  • Facilitates 'Breathing' (vapour-open) construction
  • Facilitates moisture permeability
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