ANS living walls

Green wall planting system

'ANS Group are Europe’s leading provider of Living Walls. Using our patented modular system - ANS Living Wall System™ - we offer the complete solution: design, manufacture, establishment, installation and on-going maintenance.

The ANS Living Wall System™ is entirely bespoke and designed to turning a wasted or overlooked vertical surface into a living wall of plants.  The modular living wall system ensures that assembly is simple and quick so we are able to reinvent a space almost instantaneously and with stunning effect.

The ANS Living Wall System™ can be used to transform both exterior and interior walls and the pre-grown modules create instant visual results. 

All ANS Living Wall Systems™ are designed by our in house team working with clients, designers and architects to any specific style and shape, in both interior and exterior environments. Plant species, selected from an extensive proven planting list purposely designed for the ANS System, are chosen according to the location of the walls. The modules are then planted by hand from a design plan, providing a living solution with colour and texture. The lush foliage, colourful flowers or swaying grasses form into living logos, letters or images - this living architecture lets you be really creative - both inside and out.

urban, adj.[ûr'ban] relating to a city or city life; from Latin urbanus from urbs 'city'.

ruralist, n. [rur'a-list] an advocate of rural living; from Latin ruralis from rus ‘country’.

urban ruralism, n. balancing the urban and the rural in harmony, the equilibrium of urbania and rurality, bringing the two extremes together to make a single statement.'

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Environmental metrics

250mm x 500mm modules

High density polyethylene (HDPE)

Element application zone
External and internal walls

Functional application
Living wall

ANS Group Europe offer guarantees within their ongoing maintenance packages

Materials group
Plastics & Planting

Recycled content




HDPE is recyclable

Manufacturing standard
CE Mark

Country of manufacture

Operation & Maintenance
ANS Group Europe offer guarantees within their ongoing maintenance packages

Manufacture details

ANS Group Europe

Aldingbourne Nurseries,
Church Road,
PO20 3TU

+44 (0)1243 545818


ANS Group Europe

Aldingbourne Nurseries
Church Road, Aldingbourne
Chichester PO20 3TU

+44 (0)1243 545818


Selection Criteria

PASS endorsement is based upon a distinguished performance in these categories:

Raw material acquisition

  • Global warming potential: Carbon sequestration during growth
  • Stewardship: Timber chain of custody certification: FSC

Product use

  • Biodiversity: Enhances biodiversity

Final depostion

  • Resource efficiency: Recyclable components
  • Resource efficiency / waste: Simple component disassembly
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