Evergreen Debris Channel Matting

Entrance matting
'• EMS Evergreen Debris Channel matting retains more foot borne dirt than any other matting on the market. Due to it’s innovative channel sections it collects dirt below the surface of the mat. This results in less dirt on the top of the mat that can be tracked into the building by foot traffic. Not only is it efficient it is also constructed from over 80% recycled material making it a market leader in sustainability. This product was designed to be used in heavy duty applications and has recently been installed for the following Royal Mail, Birmingham Hippodrome, BUPA, London Overground stations, Arcadia Stores throughout the UK
• Constructed using a rigid aluminium base which is considerably stronger than rubber and wired products, especially when a curve or irregularly-shaped mat is required.
• Infill material can be changed at any time, whether it is for a new corporate look or just for refurbishment purposes - this would be at a fraction of the cost of replacement mats.
• EMS mats have rubber feet giving maximum sound absorption.
• All of our mats fully comply with the New Disability Discrimination Act 2004.
• EMS manufacture up to 4m left to right without a join.'
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Environmental metrics

Company credentials

Aluminium, coir, recycled rubber

Life expectancy
40 years (aluminium); 10-15 years (replaceable infills)

EPD to ISO 14025

Recycled content

reusable if in good condition. aluminium is recyclable

3rd party product endorsement

Environmental labelling

Country of manufacture

Manufacture details

Entrance Matting Systems Ltd

Freiston Enterprise Park, Priory Road, Freiston, Lincs., PE22 0JZ

01205 761757

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