Masonry eaves and verges

'At long last the age-old problem of constructing and maintaining timber based roof overhangs is now a thing of the past with the CIOB Award Winning masonry roof overhang - RoofBLOCK.

Instead of building in obsolescence with wooden or plastic boards fixed to the overhanging roof timbers that can easily rot in our mild damp climate, RoofBLOCK – a one-piece moulded fascia and soffit block totally eliminates all the roof edge timbers to provide a longer-lasting roof overhang in high quality masonry.

Made from recycled materials, RoofBLOCK is a much more sustainable alternative to using toxic preservatives and paints in constantly maintaining wood or harmful plastics in replacing faded uPVC boards as RoofBLOCK is non-combustible and unsusceptible to decay or insect attack.

Totally maintenance-free, RoofBLOCK will never need replacing and is suitable for all roof types - from flat, hipped or any degree of pitch, creating inspiring roofing details easily and is available throughout the UK & Ireland in a wide variety of colours to enhance buildings for years to come. '

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Environmental metrics

Company credentials
ISO 14001

Secondary aggregates from China clay extraction, cement, GGBS

Life expectancy
100+ years, unaffected by accelerated weathering and freeze/thaw

EPD to ISO 14025

Recycled content

Reusable and recyclable

3rd party product endorsement
BRE Global Ltd, Building Control Standards Panel and CIOB International Innovation Award

Environmental labelling

Country of manufacture

Manufacture details


UK: Hall Farm, Geddings Rd, Drinkstone IP30 9TG;
Ireland: 5 Bramble Wood, Newtownards BT23 8WZ

UK: 028 9181 8285 Ireland: 048 9181 8285

UK: 028 9181 8285 Ireland: 048 9181 8285

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