Wood fibre insulation: Manufacturing processes

wood fibre insulation manufacturing plant interior


The 'Wet' process

( Image courtesy: GUTEX )

1 - Chips and shavings from typically spruce and fir are retrieved as waste from the manufacture of other timber products.

2 - The chips are ground down into wood fibre pulp

3 - The pulp is mixed with water and paraffin or latex added as binder

4 - The mix is pumped into a forming box as a continuous fibre mat.

5 - Around half the water is removed through pressing and vacuum pumping.

6 - The board material is dried in an air drier.

7 - The boards are cut to size and the edges milled.

• Maximum sheet thicknesses are around 25mm. Thicker sections are built-up though the gluing together of sheets with white glue.


The 'Dry' process

( Image courtesy: GUTEX )

1 - Chips and shavings are retrieved as waste from other timber manufacturing processes.

2 - The fibres are sprayed with paraffin

3 - The sprayed fibres are dried using warm air

4 - The fibres are sprayed with polyurethane resin as a binder

5 - The fibre mats are placed in a unit where the resin is cured and hardened through exposure to a mixture of air and water vapour.

• The dry process produces single-ply boards up to around 240 mm in thickness.



Images from a 'wet' production cycle

wood chips and shavings are mixed with water
Wood chips and shavings are mixed with water (image courtesy: Gutex)

mix prepared for pressing
The wood-water mix is delivered into a mould (image courtesy: Gutex)

material prepared for pressing

The mix is prepared for pressing (image courtesy: Gutex)

the material after pressing
The mix after pressing (image courtesy: Gutex)

The material is dried in a warm air unit (image courtesy: Gutex)

sawn milled and packaged
The boards are sawn milled and packed ready for dispatch (image courtesy: Gutex)




The manufacture of Hofatex wood fibre insulation




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