Wilkinson Primary School: Materials

Preference has been given to recycled and reclaimed materials where possible, to reduce the overall embodied carbon of the building and their subsequent impact on the environment.

Corten Steel

•    The industrial heritage of this site provided inspiration for the exterior cladding, which leans away from Architype’s commonly specified, natural finish. The striking and contrasting Corten, which weathers to a vivid orange patina offers a contemporary response to sites history.
•    Corten is a sustainable choice, with no maintenance required the surface develops to a stable rust-like appearance. Allowing the steel to rust makes the rust itself form a protective coating that slows the rate of future corrosion.

Corten          Photo © Dennis Gilbert; View Pictures

Weinerberger Tiles

•     The major external finish is Wienerberger polished clay tiles, which have been specified for a number of reasons. Due to the arson attack, it was decided that the timber frame would not be celebrated externally as it was important that the facade be a visual deterrent for future attacks. This helped to reassure the community about the schools improved fire resistance. Furthermore the smooth dark grey cladding complimented the design aesthetic to link the school with the sites industrial heritage, and makes for a striking contrast with the orange Corten.

Domestic Timber Frame

•    The construction type of is timber frame, sourced from domestic FSC timber.
•    Timber frame involved less processes and is from a renewable source. 
•    Exposing the timber frame internally has inspired a natural interior aesthetic, showing off the bold form in a soft and welcoming way.
•    The timber requires no finishing and is a healthy internal material that keeps the school smelling fresh and natural.

•    These acoustic panels are made from a mixture of pine, spruce and poplar wood fibre strands bound with magnesite and treated with natural salt.
•    This low energy product makes use of low grade timber, complementing our intention of creating a healthy environment, with a natural finish and acoustic benefits.

Recycled rubber floor tiles

Recycled rubber tyre tile flooring

•    Specified around access points and areas of heavy footfall, these recycled carpet tiles are made from used rubber tires and offer a great ecological solution for heavy duty use.

Ecological Paints

•    Wall finishes are mineral based paints, a protective, toxin-free finish.

Plywood finishes

•    Many internal finishes are made from sustainably sourced birch plywood with exposed edges that create a fun, textured finish, coated with natural Osmo oil.
•    Plywood finishes include timber stairs and balustrades, window edging, integral furnishing and skirting, which is specified to leg height to prevent wall scuffing, keeping the building looking fresh and clean.