Timber Cladding: Examples of Vertical Profiles

Matchboard t&g 135mm face

Download v1-135-face-panel.skp   Download v1-135-face-panel.skp

Matchboard t&g 88mm face

Download v2-88-face-panel.skp   Download v2-88-face-panel.skp

Matchboard t&g 125mm face

Download v3-125-face-panel.skp   Download v3-125-face-panel.skp

150/150mm board on board

Download v4-cover-150-150-panel.skp   Download v4-cover-150-150-panel.skp

V5 150/75mm board on board

Download v5-cover-75-100-panel.skp   Download v5-cover-75-100-panel.skp

V6 75/150mm board on board

Download v6-cover-150-75-panel.skp   Download v6-cover-150-75-panel.skp

V9 half-lap 112mm face with square channel

Download v9-half-lap-112-face-panel.skp   Download v9-half-lap-112-face-panel.skp

V10 half-lap 137mm face with flared channel

Download v10-half-lap-137-face-panel.skp   Download v10-half-lap-137-face-panel.skp

V11 t&g 125mm face with square channel

Download v11-125-face-tandg.skp   Download v11-125-face-tandg.skp

V12 t&g 125mm face with flared channel

Download v12-125-face-tandg.skp   Download v12-125-face-tandg.skp

V13 t&g 135mm face with curved channel

Download v13-shiplap-sharp-curve-panel.skp   Download v13-shiplap-sharp-curve-panel.skp

V14 t&g 128mm face with flared channel

Download v14-shiplap-grad-curve-panel.skp   Download v14-shiplap-grad-curve-panel.skp


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