POEs - Keys to success

A POE's potential for improving the performance of a building will vary from project to project and is highly dependent on:

•   Getting 'buy in' from your client as early as possible, despite there being many benefits for the client they can often be unsupportive of POEs. Building users tend to not want further disruption, perhaps more importantly they often can not understand why a POE is needed to ensure that the building is performing as it should be.

•   A collaborative effort from both the client and design team including agreeing who will be responsible for what at the outset of the project

•   A capable and committed POE team and services engineer to ensure useful lessons are learnt and quick remedies identified.

•   Be careful of data smog and remember to take a graduated approach; only go into further detail where it is really needed. This is where an experienced eye as part of the POE team is invaluable.

•   The real challenge is to ensure lessons learnt are really embedded into design decision-making processes, be it through a Soft Landings frame work, or an other methodology.


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