Crosslam / CLT - Junction details A

This is one example of crosslam CLT details. Though there are a number of ways of executing connections between CLT panels, there is a multiplicity of options when it comes to the addition of other materials as well as appropriate structural provision.

This example shows just one way of combining timber cladding with woodfibre insulation as well as floor finishes which address further insulation and sound protection. There are plenty more variations in just using these materials as well as the construction details.

In all details, we would recommend carrying out detailed condensation assessments before committing to the specification. We’d also suggest that this particular example might not fit your brief nor be an ideal solution – so please exercise your professional judgement.


CLT Eaves details

 1  Roof covering on battens and counterbattens

 2  Galvinsed steel gutter

 3  Timber fascia and soffit board fixed to stub rafters

 4  Ventilated timber cladding

 5  Wood fibre insulation

 6  Crosslam CLT wall and roofing panels

 7  Insulation within service zone

 8  Plasterboard 


CLT Intermediate floor details / wall (60 min FR)

 1  Ventilated timber cladding

 2  Wood fibre insulation

 3  Crosslam CLT wall and floor panels (platform construction)

 4  Insulation within service zone and plasterboard lining

 5  Screed / sound absorption / rigid insulation flooring

 6  Cavity / insulation / suspended ceiling


CLT Ground floor / Base details

 1  Ventilated timber cladding

 2  Slate fascia protecting insulation

 3  Extruded polystyrene backed by DPM

 4  Wood fibre insulation

 5  Crosslam CLT wall panel

 6  Insulation within service zone and plasterboard lining

 7  Low environmental impact floor screed

 8  Load-bearing rigid insulation on DPM

 9  Low environmental impact concrete slab




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