C21e: Solar electric roof tiles (blue & black)

PV tile, 52W output

‘C21e is a unique solar roofing product designed to replace four conventional roof tiles. The C21e tile uses a polycrystalline PV module.

The tile is installed onto conventional roof battens using stainless steel screws and is compatible with most major roof tiles and associated roofing accessories.

C21e is also quick to install and can be fitted by any competent roofer, each tile simply plugs into the next using simple push fit connectors and is wired to the mains by an electrician.

Available in black or blue finishes C21e does not affect the colour or shape of your roof, offering an unrivalled ‘super subtle’ aesthetic. The blue module uses polycrystalline photovoltaic technology, and the black module uses monocrystalline photovoltaic technology, with differing Watt Peaks.

• High power output - 52Wp per tile, less than 8 square metres per kWp (kilowatt peak).
• Discrete ‘SunPower’ PV laminate blends superbly with regular roof tiles offering an unrivalled aesthetic.
• Back mounted contact strips increase effective collector area and reduce surface glare, typical with standard solar cell technology.
• Integrated ‘thru-flow’ ventilation enhances PV performance.
• Power output is guaranteed to 90% of generation performance for 10 years from date of commissioning.
• No electrical work required on roof.
• Tiles arrive on site as complete units avoiding the need for on-roof assembly.’

  • C21e: Solar electric roof tiles (blue & black) (image 1)
  • C21e: Solar electric roof tiles (blue & black) (image 2)
  • C21e: Solar electric roof tiles (blue & black) (image 3)

Environmental metrics

Company credentials


Life expectancy

EPD to ISO 14025

Recycled content


3rd party product endorsement
’Best Exterior Product‘ - Interbuild 2004

Environmental labelling

Country of manufacture
assembled in the UK

Manufacture details


91-94 Lower Marsh, Waterloo, London SE1 7AB

020 7803 0100

020 7803 0101

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