C21t : Solar hot water roof tile

Hot water solar collector tile

C21t uses solar energy to heat water for washing, bathing and heating. As part of The C21 family, it is an ‘integrated tile’, which replaces four conventional roof tiles and fixes to standard roofing battens using normal fixing screws. Each tile uses push-fit connectors to plug in to the next tile and the system is plumbed in to the existing hot water system by a regular plumber. An electronic controller constantly compares the temperature of the solar thermal tiles with the temperature of the water inside the cylinder.
Whenever the tiles are hotter than the cylinder, the controller switches on the system’s circulating pump. A mixture of anti freeze and water is circulated through the collectors and the cylinder’s heat exchanger, heating the cylinder in just the same way as a regular boiler but without burning fossil fuels.

• High efficiency - collector plate with a selective coating maximises energy absorbed.
• No extra planning - with no need to alter roof lines, no protrusion and no change to roof colour or pitch, C21t requires no additional planning permission.
• Discrete matt black collector plate ‘blends in’ with regular roof tiles superbly offering an unrivalled ‘super-subtle’ aesthetic.
• Compatible with common interlocking roof tiles making full integration possible
• Standard installation - fits with conventional roofing battens
• Fast installation - product arrives to site as an assembled tile, helping to minimise on site work
• Standardised system - tiles use traditional tile installation practice so minimal special training is required
• A full range of accessories and fittings are available from major tile manufacturers
• Performance is optimised with un thermal insulation
• Complies with all relevant British Standards, including BS 476-3 fire test'

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