Rainwater harvesting system

'Conder has provided, Water and Wastewater, Pumping, Storage, Separation and Treatment Solutions for over 40 years. It has a proven brand with extensive GRP manufacturing expertise and capability.

Three steps to a professional Rainwater Harvesting System:

Rainwater harvesting is a simple technology and requires hardly any maintenance. No chemicals are needed to ensure water quality.

1. Filtration to keep larger dirt particles out of the tank.
2. Holding tank for storage and purification.
3. Pumping to supply the applications and mains back-up systems.

Duplex System - The professional solution for your house
A sophisticated Duplex System combines two components: the Conderflo Manager and a GRP tank with integrated filter and calmed inlet.

Simplex Direct System
The Direct System can be used for domestic and small commercial applications.

Simplex Gravity System
The Gravity System can be used for domestic and commercial applications.

Control Unit Kit-X
Space saving control includes mains back-up and pump.

Conderflo Manager
Central intelligence of a Rainwater Harvesting System: controls and maintains the whole system.

Commercial Systems: Everything from schools to airports
A Rainwater Harvesting System for larger buildings works in the same way as for family houses. The only difference is the size of the components which have to be adapted to the requirements of the project.

All units comply with BS EN 1717
Fully Compliant with Rainwater Harvesting British Water Code of Practice BS 8515:2009'

  • Conderflo (image 1)
  • Conderflo (image 2)

Environmental metrics

Company credentials

Stainless steel and mixed plastics

Life expectancy
50,000 working hours

EPD to ISO 14025

Recycled content

Stainless steel is recyclable; Equipment can be reused if sound

3rd party product endorsement

Environmental labelling
Water technology list

Country of manufacture

Manufacture details

Conder Solutions Ltd

2 WhitehouseWay, South West Industrial Estate, Peterlee, County Durham, SR8 2RA

0870 264 0004

0870 264 0005

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