ARP Mustang

125 ogee continuous aluminium guttering

'The highest quality materials are incorporated in the Mustang® 125mm O.G. gutter system being manufactured by Europe's leading pre-coated aluminium coil manufacturers.

Produced on site to the precise dimensions of the building (up to 30 metres in one run), which reduces joints to a minimum, it is available in a 5” Ogee profile. The entire system has a complete British Board of Agrément Certificate No 91/2625 independent searching test and assessment providing reassuring approval of durability and sustainability as well as compliance with UK Building Regulations and Codes of Practice.

This gutter system is roll-formed on site to form a tailor made robust seamless gutter from 0.9mm thick aluminium. The aluminium is pre coated both sides with a tough durable and long lasting paint finish.

Superior type Polycarbonate locking corner and straight connector fittings are incorporated in the system, which have proved to be highly successful in providing guaranteed leak-proof joints.

Our aluminium coil comes from a manufacturer that uses hydro-generated power to supply its processing facilities, causing virtually no CO2 emissions.

• The Mustang® continuous aluminium guttering system is fully recyclable.

• It’s manufactured on site and cut to the length required so there is no waste.

• Aluminium is 99% recyclable.

• Aluminium can be commercially recycled at the end of its useful life, without loss of metal quality or properties.

• The re-smelting process only uses about 5 % of the energy required to produce the primary aluminium, making it a very viable product to use in construction today.

• The increasing use of recycled aluminium in many applications makes for a sustainable resource for the future.'

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Environmental metrics

Company credentials

Aluminium gutter & hangers; Polycarbonate connector fittings; Arbo Sealants

Life expectancy
aluminium 30 years; paint finish 15-20 years

EPD to ISO 14025

Recycled content

Reusable and recyclable (see Jurby case study below)

3rd party product endorsement

Environmental labelling

Country of manufacture
Aluminium coil – Norway; Polycarbonate locking corner, Straight connector fittings - UK

Manufacture details

Hydro Aluminium

c/o Aluminium Roofline Products Ltd, Unit 2 Vitruvius Way, Meridian Business Park, Braunstone, Leicester, LE19 1WA

0116 289 4400

0116 289 4433

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