Pavatex-NBT Isolair

Insulating, waterproof, wood fibre sarking board

‘Application: underlay in roofs and as water resistant and wind tight layer in ventilated facades.

Isolair is applied in over rafter insulations as protection of the insulation material or in inter rafter constructions directly on the beams instead of underlays.

Isolair is a woodfibre board to EN 13171: Fibreboards for building constructions; Insulation material for thermal protection. The board does not contain any glue nor wood preservers.

Boards are supplied in standard size of 2500 mm x 770 mm. Thicknesses are 22 mm, 35 mm and 60mm.

The edges of the Isolair are endowed with tongue and groove. The tongue and groove edge effects a solid joint that can be placed between rafters/ studs.

Isolair is a water-resistant fibreboard and can be exposed to the climate during a period of at least three months. Isolair is effective in reducing the U value (thermal transmittance), in improving acoustic sound protection and summer heat protection (decrement delay).

Isolair guarantees an active breathing housing. Isolair can be used in new and renovation buildings.

Thermal Conductivity (K) = 0.047 W/m.K (to EN 12667)‘

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Environmental metrics

Company credentials
ISO 14001; Natureplus;

wood fibre and paraffin

Life expectancy
life of building

EPD to ISO 14025

Recycled content

recyclable & reusable

3rd party product endorsement
FSC certified

Environmental labelling

Country of manufacture
Switzerland, transported by road to UK

Manufacture details

Pavatex NBT

c/o Natural Building Technologies, The Hangar, Worminghall Road, Oakley, Bucks, HP18 9UL

01844 338 338

01844 338 525

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