Litel lintel

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) cavity lintel

'The Litel is made of pultruded glass-reinforced polyester composite (GRP) and has a a mass of 5.96 kg/m. It is suitable for use in external or internal walls of 100 mm brick/blockwork with a 75 mm to 100 mm cavity, and clear openings of between 400 mm to 1700 mm, to support walls, floors, roofs, or a combination of these, above window or door openings.

Reducing cold bridging

By their very nature lintels span from the inside of a building which is typically being kept warm in winter, to the outside which is cold in winter. Traditional lintels made of steel and concrete conduct heat and act as cold “bridges” between the outside and the inside of the building.

Cold bridging is a major source of heat loss in a well insulated house and is becoming a bigger problem the more tightly we control heat loss and gain in Code 4, 5 and 6 houses and Passivhaus projects.

The Litel is a major contributor to reducing cold bridging over openings in buildings.'

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Environmental metrics

Company credentials
The manufacturer Exel Group's Finnish units, the Kivara and Mäntyharju factories, have an ISO 14001 environmental certificate. The procedures of the certified environmental management system are used as blueprint in implementation o

Polyester resin, fillers, catalyst, glassfibre, pigments.

Life expectancy
Commensurate with the life of the building i.e. 50-100 years plus

EPD to ISO 14025
Yes - see downloads

Recycled content

When ground down can be used as a filler

3rd party product endorsement

Environmental labelling

Country of manufacture

Manufacture details

Exel Composites c/o Material Edge Ltd.

9 Wheat Moss, Chelford, SK11 9SP, Cheshire

01625 861808

0161 332 8200

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