Pavatex-NBT Pavaroof Pitched

Pitched roof insulation system
'Burdens Pavatex Pavaroof Pitched roofing system is for pitched roofs above 10° with vented roof coverings of all sorts.

Pavatex Pavaroof system uses water resistant interlocking woodfibre board over the rafters in an unbridged layer, to provide a highly insulated roof both thermally and acoustically. The system does not require either a membrane over the outside or any vapour barrier internally.

This modern method of construction is time proven, with Pavatex starting production of boards in 1932. The system is ideal for new build, refurbishment and use on historic buildings.

BREAAM Green Guide 'A' rated, and made from waste FSC wood, Pavatex boards lock up more carbon than they cost to produce and are completely non-toxic.

Burdens provide natural hygroscopic high performance insulations as infill insulation, as well as clay boards and environmental paints as internal options.


• Excellent thermal performance, with very low thermal bridging (y values), enabling slim construction for new Part L compliance
• Excellent windtightness
• Excellent acoustic insulation
• Excellent overheating control
• Fully breathing construction
• Full design and site support from Burdens
• Full systems parts from Burdens
• Robust and easy system to install
• Tried and tested system, fully certified'

Full system components

• Insulation boards:
Interlocking, waterproof Isolair boards (22, 35, 60mm) and Pavatherm Plus boards (60, 80, 100mm).

• Tapes and glues:
Pavatape for exposed edges, valleys, hips, ridges, service penetrations etc. Also special glues for board edges on pitches between 10° and 20°. On pitches over 20° board edges are not glued.

• Fixings:
A range of helical and screw fixings for different boards and roofing materials.

• Infill insulation:
Burdens Environmental provide natural insulation materials such as
Hemp Cotton, Sheepswool and Cellulose.

• Plaster boards and paints:
Burdens Environmental can provide clay boards, plasters and trade environmental paints for ceilings.'

  • Pavatex-NBT Pavaroof Pitched (image 1)
  • Pavatex-NBT Pavaroof Pitched (image 2)
  • Pavatex-NBT Pavaroof Pitched (image 3)
  • Pavatex-NBT Pavaroof Pitched (image 4)
  • Pavatex-NBT Pavaroof Pitched (image 5)
  • Pavatex-NBT Pavaroof Pitched (image 6)
  • Pavatex-NBT Pavaroof Pitched (image 7)
  • Pavatex-NBT Pavaroof Pitched (image 8)

Environmental metrics

Company credentials
Pavatex: ISO 14001

softwood and inert water-proofing additives

Life expectancy
life of building

EPD to ISO 14025

Recycled content

reusable and recyclable

3rd party product endorsement

Environmental labelling

Country of manufacture
Switzerland (Pavatex)

Manufacture details

Pavatex NBT

c/o Natural Building Technologies, The Hangar, Worminghall Road, Oakley, Bucks, HP18 9UL

01844 338 338

01844 338 525

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