pro clima DB plus

Vapour check and airtight membrane
'• pro clima DB+ is a paper based humidity variable INTELLIGENT vapour check which possesses effective variable diffusion resistance properties.

• pro clima DB + is an internal, airtight vapour check with variable moisture vapour resistance. It is manufactured from cellulose fibre, reinforced for additional strength and treated with natural salts against fire.

• pro clima DB + cellulose humidity variable vapour check provides a consistent internal airtight seal for the construction, while reducing the risk of interstitial condensation in both summer and winter conditions. In summer conditions pro clima DB PLUS allows more vapour diffusion, therefore structural components can rapidly dry out. In winter conditions it permits less vapour diffusion, ensuring the building remains in excellent physical shape, hence protecting the building fabric from harmful moisture.

• In non-breathing structures i.e. those with impermeable vapour barriers, any moisture that gets into the insulation will become trapped and immediately begin to degrade its performance. DB + eliminates this risk by allowing any trapped moisture to evaporate away, enhanced by its humidity variable moisture vapour resistance.

• pro clima DB + Meets with the durability requirements of EN 13984'
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Environmental metrics

Company credentials

Recycled paper, paper, halogen and plasticiser-free PE film,

Life expectancy
100 years+ under normal circumstances (Institute for Paper Technology, Darmstadt)

EPD to ISO 14025

Recycled content


3rd party product endorsement

Environmental labelling

Country of manufacture

Manufacture details

pro clima

pro clima, c/o Ecological Building Systems UK Ltd., The Brown Building, Cardewlees, Carlisle Cumbria, CA5 6LF

01228 711511

01228 712280

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